How Do You Plead? Guilty! Learn The Benefits Of Accepting A Plea Deal For A Criminal Case

If you have been charged with a crime, you may have hired a local attorney to represent you. At some point, your attorney will likely approach you about a plea deal. Plea deals are very common in criminal cases, as there are many benefits associated with plea deals for both sides. If you have never been charged with a crime before, you may be curious what the benefits are to pleading guilty and accepting a plea deal. Read on to learn some of those benefits. 

You Can Reduce the Amount You Spend In Local Attorney Fees

One of the benefits associated with plea deals is that they help to reduce the amount of time both prosecutors and local criminal defense attorneys spend handling a case. As the defendant, this means that you can greatly reduce the amount you spend on lawyer fees by taking a plea deal. Taking a case to trial can be expensive, as criminal lawyers charge by the hour. 

You Often Plea for Reduced or Lesser Charges

Another major benefit associated with accepting a plea deal is that you often get to plea to reduced charges, lesser charges, or fewer charges. Prosecutors are often willing to reduce the type of crime you are charged with or reduce the number of charges you are charged with if you accept a plea deal. A great local criminal attorney can help negotiate a fair plea deal on your behalf. 

You Have Some Control Over Your Sentence When You Accept a Plea Deal

The final benefit associated with accepting a plea deal for a criminal case is that you have some control over your sentence. Imprisonment and fines can vary drastically for a charge. When you accept a plea deal, you know exactly what your punishment will be, so you do not leave it in the hands of a judge or jury to sentence you at their discretion. 

If you have been charged with a crime, your local criminal defense attorney may present you with a plea deal. While your local attorney can provide you with insight as to whether they think the deal is fair or not, they cannot make the decision for you in regards to whether to accept or deny the deal. Taking a plea deal often has many benefits associated with it, including reducing the amount you spend in attorney fees, allowing you to plea to lesser charges, and giving you some control over the sentence you receive. If you decide not to take a plea deal, your case will proceed to trial, where a local attorney can help you to fight the charges against you.