Are You Facing Burglary Charges? See How A Legal Advisor Can Help You

Are you facing burglary charges? If so, defending against them should be your top priority. This is because burglary is a serious offense that can make you face severe consequences if convicted. Therefore, contacting a criminal defense attorney immediately after your arrest is advisable. This will enable them to prepare a strong defense that they will use to fight your charges.

Defenses Your Attorney Can Use to Fight for You 

Your attorney can advise you to assert that you did not commit the alleged crime when you appear in court. They will then provide information to support your argument and prove your innocence. For instance, they can present documents to show that you don't have a history of engaging in criminal activity. Your lawyer will also cross-examine prosecution witnesses and expose any who provide inconsistent information. If some of the witnesses are uncertain of what happened, your lawyer will object to using their evidence in your case.

Your legal advisor may also present evidence to dispute the information the witnesses share in court. For instance, they can provide evidence to establish that you were not on the property when the incident happened. They might also argue that the complainant has not provided actionable evidence showing that you were the wrongdoer. As a result of these arguments, the judge may offer you a more lenient judgment or throw out your case for lack of evidence.

The Evidence Your Attorney May Use to Fight the Charges

An effective way to prove your innocence is by breaking down the prosecution's case to prove that their facts are incorrect. Your lawyer can do this by getting witnesses to testify on your behalf. For instance, witnesses can explain that they were with you in a different location when the incident happened. This will help prove that you were not the offender. Your lawyer may also use video evidence to prove that your case was one of mistaken identity. As such, they will request the judge to throw out your case.

As is evident from the information above, it is possible to defend against burglary charges. This is more so if you hire a criminal defense attorney to defend you. They will use a number of legal strategies to prove that you did not commit the offense. This will go toward helping you to get a more lenient judgment or even a dismissal of your case.

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