Getting Ready To Hold Your First New Year's Eve Party? Pay Attention To These Alcohol Laws

Congratulations -- you're finally 21 years old and about to have your first New Year's party! Just make sure that you observe a few rules so that you don't end up bringing the new year in with some major legal fees and jail time. If you're a young adult who still has some underage friends, this is what you should know: What type of problems can you face? You may not think of your friends -- many of whom are still between the ages of 18 and 21 -- as " [Read More]

Bankruptcy Fraud: A Section 727 Denial Or A 2004 Exam Can Lead To Criminal Charges

Bankruptcy fraud is serious business. Lately, bankruptcy fraud has been making the news as entertainers and wealthy reality stars are charged or convicted of the crime. While you may not be trying to compete, the wrong move can not only ruin your chances for a bankruptcy discharge, it can land you in legal hot water. If that happens, you'll need a criminal defense lawyer instead of a bankruptcy attorney. This is what you should know. [Read More]

2 Ways That A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You

A criminal defense lawyer is going to be the best resource at your disposal if you should ever be charged with a serious crime. A criminal defense lawyer can help you negotiate plea bargains and find assistance that may be able to strengthen your defense. Plea Bargains In many cases, the plea bargain is designed to wrap the case up quickly by having you plead guilty to the charges against you, or a lesser charge, in exchange for a lighter sentence. [Read More]

A Few Reasons To Always Use A Traffic Violations Lawyer Instead Of Just Paying The Ticket

The next time you are pulled over by a police officer and given a traffic ticket, don't just pay the fine. It does not matter if it is a large fine or not, you should consider having a traffic violations lawyer from a firm like Hogan-Kimrey LLP Attorneys At Law look at the ticket and see what can be done. Here are a few ways an attorney can help. Dismissal of the Citation [Read More]