Three Reasons Why Your Doctor Does Not Want You To Drive Yourself Home After Surgery

If you are about to undergo a minor surgery and your doctor has given you the pre- and post-operative instructions, you might be surprised to see that you are not allowed to leave the hospital without arranging transportation. It is somewhat of a hassle to drive yourself to the hospital and then find out you cannot drive yourself home again. However, there are at least three main reasons why you are given this directive. [Read More]

The Gravity Of Traffic Offenses Near School Zones

Committing traffic offenses in school zones may attract harsher penalties than committing the same offenses in other areas. It is important to know why this happens to help you avoid the consequences. What Is a School Zone? The definition of a school zone may vary according to state, but it generally refers to areas near schools or where school children are likely to be present. For example, a school zone may include these areas: [Read More]

3 Requirements Before Driving Privileges Are Restored After A DWI

Making the mistake of driving while intoxicated can haunt you for several years after the fact. Not only will it hurt you financially, but it can have a serious impact on your life as it was before you were charged. Hiring a DWI attorney can help you preserve your life, lessen the impact and maintain your ability to drive, but when your license is suspended, there will be several hoops to jump through to get it back. [Read More]

What Is A "Good" Outcome In A Criminal Case?

A 2012 report indicates that 97% of federal criminal cases and 94% of state cases end in plea bargains. This means that criminal defendants need to reconsider what it means to have a "good" outcome for their case. If you've been charged with a crime, keep the following things in mind. A good outcome doesn't necessarily mean an acquittal. If you're entirely innocent of any wrong-doing, then you quite naturally want to fight for your innocence and you want an attorney who will be comfortable taking your case to trial if necessary. [Read More]