The Importance Of Retaining An Assertive And Skilled Traffic Attorney

Driving infractions can happen to the most skilled of drivers. When you are ticketed or fined for offenses like speeding or parking illegally, you may think at first that you can simply pay the fine and get back to your everyday life.

However, depending on the infraction, you may have your driver's license and driving privileges taken away. You can fight fines, license suspensions, and revocations by hiring a traffic attorney to represent you.

Contesting Unreasonable Fines

If you feel that the fine that the traffic cop gave you is too high, you can contest it in court. In fact, even if you signed the ticket, you are not necessarily admitting your guilt. You have the right to go to court, appear before a municipal judge, and contest the fine and ticket.

However, you may not feel entirely comfortable speaking before a judge, particularly when the cost of the fine is at stake. You can retain a traffic attorney to speak for you in court. Your lawyer can make a more eloquent argument and ask the judge to lower or eliminate the amount of the fine, particularly if you have an otherwise clean driving record.

Asking for Your License Back

Your traffic attorney can also ask the court to give back your driver's license. Depending on the type of offense for which you are pulled over and ticketed, you may stand to lose your license for weeks or months at a time. If you have a particularly bad driving record, you may even lose your license to drive entirely.

However, your traffic attorney can ask the court for leniency and also request that your license be given back. They may suggest that you show some sort of reformed behavior, such as completing a defensive driving course or taking anger management or drug rehab courses. These courses can show to the court that you took the initiative to improve your driving and become a safer person behind the wheel.

If you have a clean driving record, you may not deserve to have your license taken away at all. Your traffic attorney can ask the judge to be lenient with you, given that this would be your first offense, and lower or eliminate the penalty.

A traffic attorney can provide you with valuable services. They can request that the judge lower your ticket's fine and also ask the court to reinstate driving privileges.