3 Requirements Before Driving Privileges Are Restored After A DWI

Making the mistake of driving while intoxicated can haunt you for several years after the fact. Not only will it hurt you financially, but it can have a serious impact on your life as it was before you were charged. Hiring a DWI attorney can help you preserve your life, lessen the impact and maintain your ability to drive, but when your license is suspended, there will be several hoops to jump through to get it back. Below, you will learn a little about getting your driving privileges restored and what you may have to go through in order to do so.

Please note that state laws vary from state to state. Check with your residing state to learn exactly what procedures must be followed to restore driving privileges.


Whether your alcohol level was slightly over the legal limit or well over, you will likely be required to attend a rehabilitation program. This may just be a handful of attendances at your local Alcoholics Anonymous group or a full rehab program. The judge will determine the extent of your requirements. You will have to complete the required rehabilitation before you can even apply to get your driving privileges back.

Fines and Jail Time

All court-ordered fines and jail time must be paid in full and completed prior to restoring your driving privileges. Keep close records of all of the payments that you make and request a prison release form when you are released from jail or house arrest. This is especially true if your license is suspended for several years because it can be difficult to find the evidence you need to prove that you have done all that you need to in order to drive again.

Interlock Ignition

An interlock ignition will likely be required to be installed on the vehicle that you drive. How long it will be required is up to the state and in some states, it can be avoided if you don't own a vehicle by accepting an extended period of license suspension.

This gadget is installed in the vehicle by wiring it directly to the starter wiring. Before you can start your car, you have to submit a breath-test which will determine if you have been drinking. If your test is positive, the car will not start. Expect to blow into the machine every 10 or 15 minutes while you drive as well as when you start it up.

Your DWI attorney can help you get an occupation license, probationary license or restore your license completely in some cases. Talk with him or her about your options and learn exactly what your state expects from you before you can get behind the wheel again.